Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tales from the Crib

Every morning, Olivia hangs out in her crib with her stuffed animals and baby dolls.  She'll read to them or have little conversations, and I love listening to her over the monitor.  Sometimes this can go on for close to half and hour and others, she's calling for us instantly.  Boy, was she on a roll this morning!

(IG @thebirdsnestblog)

She loves to talk to her baby sister and frequently gives my belly kisses, talks to her, and exclaims "she's so cutie tootie!" I think she'll be the best big sister!  This morning started out with her saying "Baby is going to say Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, and me tell her it's ok baby."  Then she proceeded to ask her baby doll some important questions... "You have an "O" for Olivia, Baby Jesus?"  "Oh, oh, oh, ok, ok me hear you."  

One of her newest favorite songs is Shut Up and Dance.  Her version this morning was "Ho, Ho, Ho shut up and dance with me!!" She also has killer dance moves to go along with her songs ;)  

Once she decided she was awake and ready to start the day, she looked into the camera and said "Mommy, you listen to me!  I want to go to Mama's (Grandma's) house!  You listen to me right now! Mommy, you listening to me?!" She is so stinkin funny! A few weeks ago, she looked right into the camera and told me "Mommy, me speaking English!?  Come get me!"  I can't help but crack up! 

I just think this age is so funny...perfect little humans that are so hilarious! Do you have any funny stories to share? I'd love to hear ;) 

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