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Monday, November 3, 2014

18 Month Favorites

Hello!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  I wanted to share some of our favorite products with you that we use daily.  Some are more practical and some are just for fun!

  1. HALO SleepSack - We still use a sleep sack for Olivia during naps and bedtime.  She loves it and I feel comfortable with her sleeping in it, instead of a blanket.  We use the fleece style for colder months and lighter version for spring/summer.  
  2. Re-Play Tableware - We absolutely love these plates, bowls, cups, and utensils!  They are dishwasher safe, BPA free, and made in the USA from recycled milk jugs. Super sturdy and there are tons of colors to choose from.
  3. Snap Bibs - We have the gold glitter Snap Bib and love it.  It's very durable, wipes clean, big enough to contain the biggest toddler messes and my favorite part - super glittery ;)
  4. Stacker Toy - Olivia loves stacking and it's great for her fine motor skills.  Also, great for teaching colors and different sizes. 
  5. Foam Bath Letters - A definite favorite are these foam bath letters.  Perfect for teaching letters, colors, and smaller words.  She loves sticking them all over the tub...a must for keeping bath time fun!
  6. Story Books - Olivia absolutely loves to read!  She pretends to read to us, turning the pages, pointing out characters.  It's my favorite thing to do with her.  Those books shown above are a few of her current favorites.  I normally use Amazon to order, as the prices are low and shipping is fast.
I'm sure her favorites will be changing shortly as she gets older.  Do you have a favorite product you can't live without for your toddler? I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Olivia || 18 Month Update

I cannot believe my baby is 18 months old!  It sounds even older saying 1 and 1/2, right?!   She is at such a fun age and she has such a fun, loving personality.

{Being a little ham while Mommy is outside}

18 Month Stats:

Weight: 21.6 lbs {11th percentile}

Height: 31.5 inches {49th percentile}

Favorite foods: 
Raspberries, greek yogurt, olives, cheese, green beans

Favorite books:
Ghosts in the House || Time for Bed || Five Little Monkeys || The Velveteen Rabbit || One,Two, Boo!

Loves to:
- Play outside & collect leaves, rocks, etc
- Help Mommy cook
- Read books
- Play with her baby doll and stuffed animals 
- Clean {She knows exactly where things belong and puts things where they go - especially Daddy's shoes, hats, etc...ahem Daddy}
- Listen to music, especially loving Taylor Swift "Shake it off"
- Brush her teeth {She gets so excited to brush her teeth before bed, then it ends as if I'm brushing some sort of squirming animal with 18 arms and legs}
- Loves to make ghost noises while reading Halloween books
- Loves finding boxes {aka even tissue boxes} to sit in...the smaller the better...she's insistent on sitting in anything resembling a box

- Hair, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, ears, belly button, hands, feet, legs & butt 
- Can repeat back how to spell dog... learned D-O-G with foam letters in the bathtub
- Says "thank you", "more please", "no way", "good girl", various names, etc

Parades, Broccoli, Getting her diaper changed "no,no,no"

Olivia is such a little love bug!  She is just the sweetest girl and this is definitely a fun age! (Minus the toddler meltdowns over sharing...)  Coming up: 18 Month Favorites.  Do you have products you love for your toddler?  I'd love to hear. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bathtime Favorites

Livvy has been seriously loving her bathtime lately.  Every night she has a bedtime routine and it includes a bath, book, and bottle.  She's had the same routine since she was a newborn, but now it's even more fun because she loves to play with bath toys and loves "washing" her own hair, which entails dumping a little bucket full of water over her hair all by herself.  She's such a little ham!

Here are a few bath time toys and products I'm loving for her:

Arbonne products are great for babies who have sensitive skin because they're fragrance free and very moisturizing.  I was given the Hair and Body Wash, the Herbal Diaper Cream, and the Body Lotion, all part of their ABC product line, to review and I'm really pleased with the products.  All of the products were very gentle on Olivia's skin and hair, and I love that they're tear-free as well.  The Herbal diaper rash cream includes zinc, avocado and peach as the key cool, right? I think this gift set would be the perfect present for a mommy to be or as part of a baby shower gift basket.  

Another bathtime essential is a big fluffy bath towel.  I don't know about you, but it drives me batty when Olivia can't fit in her bath towel, leaving me with a squirmy, wet baby.  These animal themed bath towels are perfect for her.  I absolutely love the bunny one! 

I'm also loving these non squirt bath toys by Boon.  Seriously, how gross is it that most bath toys grow black mold inside when your little ones are sucking out the water. Olivia is certainly known for that on occasion, whoops... These are called Odd Ducks and they are adorable, and hole free so no chance of slimy toys! 

I think it is so important that babies have a bedtime routine and I love ours.  I'm so happy that Olivia loves her bath time so much and it's so fun to watch her splash around and play!

Note to self: clean the mirror...

What are some of your favorite bathtime toys and products? What is your bedtime routine with your little one? I'd love to hear! If you are interested in purchasing Arbonne products, please contact Katie at  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Feeding Essentials: Baby Registry Ideas

Last week, I shared some items that I would recommend registering for in my diapering essentials post. This week, I'd like to share some of my favorite things that we've been using with Olivia as far as feeding goes.  She was strictly breast-fed for the first four months, and then we began incorporating cereal and fruits and veggies.  This was her first time eating cereal...not quite a fan...
How cute is she?  I could eat her up!  She loves eating now and her favs include sweet potatoes, pears, carrots, and butternut squash. She's not crazy about bananas...she does a little wiggle-gag move just to show me she's not a fan. Lately, Olivia has formed her own baby sign language and twirls her hands around to tell me she's hungry or wants more - super cute!  On to some of our favorite things for feeding time! 

Earth's Best Organic Multi-Grain Cereal - We started Olivia on Earth's Best rice cereal and she hated it.  Then we tried Earth's Best oatmeal cereal and it seemed hard for her to digest so we switched to the multi-grain cereal and she's been loving it ever since.  I mix it with a little bit of pumped milk and she eats it every morning.  Sometimes I mix it with some pureed fruit, but I'm trying to keep her food separate so she can get used to different flavors and textures.  Earth's Best can be found at Target and Babies 'R Us.

Baby Bullet - I was going back and forth between whether to purchase this system or just use a mini food processor and I'm really happy with this so far.  I love the silicone freezer mold to freeze excess food.  It's super easy to pop one out and microwave it in a small dish.  Other pros include: easy to clean, comes with two blades, two cups, cute little cookbook, and the little containers make me happy with their smile on the front.  Some cons are that it's not dishwasher or microwave safe and you need to steam the food really well beforehand.  I would definitely recommend if you're planning to make your own baby food.  Side note:  super easy and you know exactly what your baby is eating!

Boon Grass Drying Rack - Love this grass bottle rack!  I would recommend getting the "lawn" as it is bigger than the "grass."  Super cute and stylish in your kitchen! Accessories are sold separately and are equally as cute.

Pureed Food Pouch - In a pinch, these are great for on-the-go.  I buy the organic brands and she seems to love them.  So far, I've gone with Plum Organics and Ella's Kitchen.  I also bought little spoons that attach right to the packet of food for easy feeding and cleanup.  Whoever invented those is a mom who was tired of carrying around random, food dried spoons a genius.

Medela Pump Accessory Set - Definitely get the accessory pack if you don't feel like washing pump parts every day and night...or contemplating throwing all of the parts out the window because you can't stand to wash another suction cup.

Lansinoh Nursing Pads - These nursing pads work really well and save you from the embarrassment of walking around leaking everywhere.  Slightly annoying, but better than other brands and you definitely get used to them.  Trust me on this one...better safe than sorry.

Aden + Anais Burpy Bib - Ahh...burp cloths, spit rags, whatever you chose to call them - you will need them!  We personally like the thick cloth ones from Babies 'R Us or Target.  We also use cloth diapers as burp cloths, just plain, tri-fold rectangle ones.  I also love the Aden & Anais wearable ones, basically one big bib when snapped on, which we got from my hubby's cousin.  Perfect for eating time too.

Eddie Bauer High Chair - I registered for this high chair because I wanted something to fit into the house decor and I love it.  It has three adjustable positions for the tray and really good back support for little ones just learning to sit up.  The only thing I wish it had, were shoulder straps instead of just a belt.  Super easy to clean too.

Medela Pump - Our insurance covered this pump.  Highly recommend calling your insurance to check if you are covered - saves some serious cash!!  Would definitely recommend the Medela...has worked consistently from day one and have never had a problem.

Nuk Milk Storage Bags - If you are choosing or able to pump, these bags are perfect for storing milk in the freezer.  Cheaper than other brands and work just as well.  Milk can be frozen for six months in a freezer/fridge combo and up to one year in a chest freezer.  Just write the date and amount and you're set.

Boppy Pillow - Definitely a big help when you need extra support while nursing and I use it a lot now to plop Olivia down in while getting dressed, etc.  I actually found I used it more when she was able to hold her head up and I could leave her in it on the bed, supervised, of course.  Also, super cute covers.

Hope this gives you some suggestions while registering!  We're so enjoying this new chapter with our baby girl!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Diapering Essentials: Ideas for Registry

After a six month short break, I've decided to start blogging again!  Our little Olivia was born in April and we've been enjoying her greatly!  She's such a good girl, always making us laugh and adding so much to our lives.

Over the past six months, I've really gotten the chance to figure out what I like and don't like, therefore, I'd like to share with you what I would register for again.  As a first time mom, it was slightly overwhelming trying to decide what to register for.  I blame pregnancy brain for searching high and low for flat crib sheets. Anyway, I created a list of items I would register for again and divided it into different posts.  The first post I'd like to share with you is all about diapering essentials. 
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine

Changing Table/Dresser We've been so happy with this dresser that has been serving as a changing table as well. We wanted something that could transition from changing table to dresser and this is perfect.  It is slightly taller than a conventional changing table, but honestly you get used to it.  It has a wide space for a changing pad, wipe warmer, and a basket for diapers.  
Summer Infant Changing Pad This changing pad has been great, easy to clean, comfortable for baby, and inexpensive...would definitely recommend.
Carter's Changing Pad Cover Super soft, nubby material, washes very well and does not show wear.
Changing Pad Liners Whoever invented these, is a genius.  Perfect for when you can't get a diaper on fast enough, spit up, diaper blowout nice to not have to change and wash the entire cover...probably one of the best things I registered for.  
Pampers Swaddlers We started with Pampers Swaddlers and have been happy with them.  I've heard of using other brands to save money, etc, but we chose to go with Pampers.  Love the wetness indicator and fit of them.  Where we buy them varies from, Amazon, Babies 'R Us, and in a pinch the grocery store.  
Wipe Warmer This is really nice to have, especially with the colder weather coming or during the night.  Really does make your little one more comfortable. We like Pampers Sensitive Wipes. 
Travel Wipe Case Super thin and cute for your diaper bag.  
A & D  This ointment is what we use after every diaper change and Olivia has never had a diaper rash.  Definitely less smelly than other diaper ointments and less messy too. 
Diaper Genie Elite Our good friends gave this to us (mommy of our headband model from previous post!) and we love it.  Really contains the stinkiness! Super easy to use, as well. 

Hope this gives you some ideas to consider when registering or giving a baby gift.  Next up: Feeding Essentials! 

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