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Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's a Beach Birthday Party!

Yesterday, my sister had a birthday party for Brynn and it was such a cute beach themed day! She turned two earlier this month so she was a pro at blowing out her candles and listening to everyone sing Happy Birthday to her.  Poor Olivia had a 102 temperature so she had to miss out on all the fun and stayed home with Rob.  She woke up this morning singing "Happy Birthday, BB", not knowing she missed everything so we'll have leftover cupcakes tonight ;) 

The birthday girl! 

Everything was decorated with a beach theme and my personal favorite were the cupcakes and crab veggie platter.  Pinterest inspired, of course.  To make the crab, slice the top off of the pepper and turn it upside down.  Slice "legs" and "claws" and assemble!  I also used olives and capers for the eyes.  Such a simple, fun addition to a plain veggie platter! For the cupcakes, my sister used mini Teddy Grahams and lifesavers, along with blue icing and crushed golden oreos.  They came out so adorable!!  Now, on to all of the pictures...

Kiddie pool filled with ice and beverages...brillant

Lastly, a sneak peek of the gift I made for Brynn... can't wait to show you during the week! 

Have a great Sunday! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Colorful First Birthday

My niece, Brynn, turned one in the beginning of July and my sister did a fantastic job hosting a super cute party. The party was rainbow themed and I'm all about a themed occasion!  She did a really great job displaying the food, cake, candy bar and decorations.  One of my favorite decorations was this diy tissue paper garland:

The food also followed the rainbow theme...dying over this purple cauliflower! 

For the main dishes, they had pulled pork, potato salad, baked beans, and mac and cheese...yummy! The candy display turned out so cute for the little (and big) kids to enjoy! She also had an amazing cake created by the same baker we used for Olivia's bunny birthday party.  

This pretty much sums up how Brynn feels about turning one! #YoureKiddingMe!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Olivia's first birthday: Bunny Themed Party

I still can't believe our little munchkin is ONE already!  She brings so much joy to our lives and we couldn't imagine life without her.  I'm excited to share her first birthday with you...

As soon as I started party planning, I knew it would have to be bunny themed. Get ready for picture overload! Her beloved Bun Bun is an absolute must when she's sleeping and she even asks for "Bun Bun" if she's playing and feels the need for some bunny time.  I headed over to my Pinterest and started to search for bunny themed parties, food, etc.  I literally found less than 5 different things leading me to use my imagination for the rest.  I absolutely love how the decorations, food and whole party came together.  Our family is so large so we were hoping for a nice day to sit outside and it was exactly that...for about an hour then the sun showers came and it was a dash to get inside.  Best part of the rain shower was the double rainbow after...perfect picture prop:)

On to the decorations and details...

I used this tutorial to make the tissue paper garland and I loved how it turned out.  We actually still have it up on our mantle!  For some snacks before the main food, I set up a veggie tray and also used clear cups to put together some veggie cups so people could just grab one and mingle.  The toothpicks were found at HomeGoods and they were one of my most favorite parts of the decor.  Unfortunately, I was running around and wasn't able to get a good picture, but the sign says "Olivia's veggie patch."

I also used the toothpick bunnies to label all of the food and they came out super cute!  To make the labels, I bought scrapbook paper with a grass print and just used basic toothpicks in between two pieces and stuck them in black dried beans and mini flower pots.

I made "carrots" out of plastic silverware and orange napkins wrapped with green ribbon, which served as a carrot patch next to the dinner plates.

The drink station consisted of different sodas, water bottles, and Livvy's strawberry lemonade.  The paper straws were also one of my favorite details.  The pink striped straws came from the dollar spot at Target and the vintage floral straws came from Home Goods.  I've seen similar ones on Etsy.  The bunny bucket came from Target, as well. 

Her birthday bib was from Carter's and my brother and his girlfriend gave Livvy her special birthday highchair decorations. 

We had the most amazing cake from a local baker and it was absolutely delicious and stunning!  It was amazingly detailed and exactly what I had envisioned for her party! We also had super cute bunny cookies and a hot pink smash cupcake topped with a sparkly "1"

Singing Happy Birthday was a big hit and at first she was hesitant about eating her smash cake, but then she dove in! 

To put on her gift table, I made a huge chalkboard poster to celebrate her one year milestones.  To create this, I used a black foam-based poster board and metallic markers.  

On her actual birthday, we went to a local park and had a family picnic and later that night she enjoyed her first ice cream cone!  

Hope you enjoyed the bunny details of Olivia's first birthday party! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bachelorette Party Welcome Baskets

My sister's bachelorette party was this weekend and beforehand I wanted to do a little something to make our girls weekend start off extra special.  Here's what I came up with:

I made the labels and simply taped them on after peeling off the store labels - super easy and made them super cute and personalized.  Here's what the bachelorette welcome baskets included:

* Two personalized water bottles
*Orbit gum
*Oatmeal breakfast squares
*Ghiradelli chocolate squares
*Nail file

The baskets were from the dollar spot in Target and there were a variety of colors and styles.  I think these came out so cute and you can definitely add other little things such as little bottles of wine, granola bars, nail polish, hair ponytails...etc!  Super cute and relatively inexpensive...hope this inspires you to make your own welcome baskets for all occasions!! Leaving you with some pictures of this past weekend's bachelorette festivities...

{Bridesmaid Teresa, Bride to be - Kristen, Me}

{Me, Bridesmaid Kelli}

{Kelli, Briana, Teresa, Me, Kristen - ending the night!}

More pics of my sister's bridal shower will be coming soon! 

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