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Friday, May 15, 2015

We Play || MASProductionArts

Happy Friday, friends! How is your week going so far? This week was one of those weeks where I felt some Mommy guilt.  Do you ever feel that way?  Sometimes the house, bills, work, and extra activities all tornado into hours flying by and a "hurry up" feeling all day.  I try my hardest to let Olivia "be little",  but some days it's hard not to do what I want and need to do with her tagging along after me, instead of sitting and taking time to play with her.  Play is so important for little ones, so I'm determined to make more time to include meaningful play into our days. "We Play" will be a fun new series, where I share some of our favorite toys and activities that we love! 

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Being a teacher, I'm a huge fan of toys that engage children to use their imaginations.  Today, there are so many interactive, technology based toys and tablets that it's hard to find good "old-fashioned" toys.   That being said, I am so happy that I was able to collaborate with Melody from MASProductionArts.  Have you checked out her shop?! So many great toys to encourage low tech play and learning for toddlers and young children.  Everything from fill and spill sets and sensory boxes to matching games and lacing beads, there's something for every one and they're all crafted by hand! 

As soon as Olivia took out the beads, she started to lace them onto the string.  She concentrates so hard and it's so fun to watch her focus and try so hard.  The blocks are the perfect size for little hands and it comes with a stopper as well, preventing bead spilling meltdowns ;) She's learning her name, and was able to pick out each letter to spell it out. I also love how there are shapes on the back - perfect for learning both shapes and colors.  Lacing is so great for strengthening fine motor skills, too.  This is also a great quiet activity for church, car rides, or quiet time before bed. The perfect size to throw in the diaper bag! 

This color sorting mat includes fun items to sort out on a colorful mat that can be rolled up - again, perfect to throw in the diaper bag! The assortment of items is so fun and included a pom pom, various wooden shapes, a bean bag, and clear stone. I love to play this with her because I'll put a yellow star on the pink square and she'll say "no, Mommy!" and move it.  She's one smart cookie ;) She loves to play with this in the mornings while I'm making her breakfast and loves to sort the beads on there too.  It really encourages her to learn colors and is also great for concentration. 

These little peg people are the cutest! She got the purple set and they're so simple, yet there are endless possibilities to play with them. From a princess one day to a baby the next, they're a fun way for her to use her imagination.  These also come in a small pouch so you can bring them anywhere, too. 

I am so thrilled with the quality of these toys. From the colors to delicate details, I'm seriously impressed and love that Olivia can have so much fun with them.  Be sure to check out MASProductionArts on Instagram: @masproductionarts and Etsy shop  for your little one! A huge thank you to Melody for these wonderful, fun toys! Enjoy your day & make some time to play!

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