Friday, April 8, 2016

30 Things on My 30th Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday (what?!?! 30?!) and I love reading about other bloggers and getting to know them more so I thought it would be fun to share 30 things with you!   Also sharing some pictures throughout the years...

1. I'm a twin, younger by nine minutes
2.  I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant and expecting my second little girl
3.  I've always wanted to be a mommy to all girls

4.  My favorite tea is "wedding tea" from Harney & Sons and I have it whenever I can
5.  I love to do girlie things like get pedicures, manicures and my hair done 

6.  I hate being cold
7.  Before being a stay at home mom, I was an elementary teacher and plan to go back when the girls go to school
8.  I've been married for almost six years (July) 

9.  I love going shopping
10. I have an irrational fear of being kidnapped...just ask my family ;)
11. I also have an irrational fear of going blind...just ask my brother ;) "I knew this day would happen..."

12.  My favorite shows are Real Housewives & Fixer Upper
13.  I would love to own our own "fixer upper" 
14.  I'd love to move to North Carolina or somewhere in the South one day

15.  I have way too many throw pillows
16.  Anthropologie is my weakness and I wish I could decorate my whole house from there
17. I'm the worst at returning texts (I'm one of those that responds in my mind)

18. I love decorating and would secretly love to do home decorating one day for others
19.  Christmas is my favorite holiday, followed by Easter
20.  Gray is my favorite color, followed by lavender

21.  I love going on vacation to a beach area aka somewhere relaxing
22. Camping, outdoor showers, and bugs are pretty much my worst nightmare (I'll be in the hotel enjoying myself)

23.  I love mixing antiques with new decor
24.  Spacial ability is not something I have, hence the "Mommy hit the curb again" comments from the back seat ;)
25.  I love blogging and sharing with other mamas

26.  I really love math, but embarrassingly enough I would probably fail a history test
27.  Audio books are my enemy - sorry hubby, if it's on during a car ride it makes the drive 23918 times longer
28.  My sister and I are due ONE day apart and I can't wait to see when the babies arrive

29. Eating ice cream makes me cough...literally every time. 
30.  My favorite meal would include antipasto & pasta

So there you have it...30 things about me to share with you! XO

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hospital Bag Must-Haves: For Baby

Audrey's Bear - I found Rachel's shop on Instagram and immediately fell in love. Easily the softest blankets I've ever felt! The material is amazing!  I'm obsessed with the custom design to match her nursery and the polka dots on the back - love! I love, love, love all things monogrammed and personalized.  There is a huge selection of baby blankets and gift sets to choose from and so many gorgeous colors and designs.  Some of my favorites include this vintage floral chevron , and tropical flowers.  Audrey's Bear is also a swaddle for swaddle program, which won my heart - such a great program! It'll be so special to wrap our little one up for those first hospital pictures with her name being shared to family and friends.  

Loved by Sophia Claire - These are the cutest pacifier clips ever! There are so many gorgeous colors and they are so well made.  These would also be great to clip little toys on too and who hasn't lost a pacifier?!  Will definitely be my saving grace ;) I also can't wait to try the Natursutten pacifiers that are available here.  This pink poppy clip is already packed in my hospital bag! 

The Ollie Swaddle - I am thrilled to try the Ollie Swaddle with our little one.  It's designed with moisture-wicking fabric, velcro for custom sizing, and diaper changes are a breeze due to the opening on the bottom. This lavender color is so pretty for spring! Olivia loved being swaddled when she was a newborn, but never slept overly great and didn't sleep through the night until after five months. I think this swaddle will be life-changing.  I've heard so many great things and I can't wait to see if it helps the baby sleep more soundly, and longer! The Ollie Swaddle also comes in the cutest gift box and would be such a great baby shower gift! 
Free Babes Handmade - The sweetest bows ever!  I love that they are so versatile and can be used for even teeny tiny newborns.  Olivia will have matching pigtail bows and I can't wait to see the girls together with matching bows. I love the message behind the company as well, creating accessories for little free spirits ;) Some of my favorites include the chambray sailor bowblush linen school girl bow, and the lavender hand-tied pigtail set.  

Freshly Picked- One of my all time favorite baby items!  Olivia had a few pairs of moccs and they are so well made and easy to coordinate outfits with, I just love them!  They were the star of our gender revel for the new baby and when I saw those bright pink moccs come out of the box I was over the moon! Two of my absolute favorite colors are salt water taffy and platinum.  They are such a great company and I love that even the tiniest feet can fit in them.  These will definitely be a part of our newborn photo shoot.  

Zip-front One-Piece - Perfect for keeping baby extra cozy for their first day home!  Also, if you're a seasoned parent, you know there's nothing more annoying than buttoning up the onesie only to re-do it 18 times in the middle of the night after a feeding and diaper change to actually get the buttons lined up...zippers in this house all the way! I have two similar outfits packed in the hospital bag, one in 3 months and one in a newborn size incase we have a little peanut ;) 

In addition to the pieces above, I'll also be bringing a baby book so we can stamp her tiny footprints after she's born! 

Have I forgotten anything?!  Since this is my second time around, I feel that less is definitely more and a few special pieces make all the difference!  Would love to hear what you packed or will be packing. XO

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