Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Picture Walk: No Sew Rosette Pillow

Hello everyone!  This is a quickie picture walk for a no-sew rosette pillow! To begin:
{Measure for pillow size, leaving at least 1 inch on all sides}

{Turn inside out}

{Liquid Unique Stitch: aka no sew}

{Apply 1/2 inch in from cut side, repeat on 2 more sides}

{Insert pillow form and fold up the opening, apply unique stitch glue}

{Seal opening all the way}

{Cut stripes of fabric, about 1 inch wide}

{wrap around finger to create rosette, this may take a few times to get the "rose" look}

{create more rosettes...}

{arrange in your letter or design of choice}

{arrange rosettes on pillow}

{apply unique stitch glue to back of rosettes, insert small pin to hold middle in place}

{admire your no-sew rosette pillow!}

Hope you can create your own no-sew pillows using this picture walk to help!!

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