Monday, March 28, 2016

Hospital Bag Must-Haves: For Mama

We are SO close to baby time!! I'm so excited for our little one to arrive and can't wait to be a family of four.  Today, I wanted to share some items that I feel will really make your hospital stay and "home coming" even more enjoyable. These items are perfect and you will be able to use them for months! 

Covered Goods - this multi-use nursing cover is so versatile and perfect for both nursing in the hospital and coming home.  When I nursed my daughter, I didn't have a cover that I really loved and always felt uncomfortable if my back was exposed, it just didn't fit right, or she was able to pull it off or to the side.  Covered Goods to the rescue!  Not only is it long enough to cover your back, but you can use it in so many ways! From a nursing cover or scarf to a car seat and shopping cart cover, it's so useful especially to keep germs away when your little one is fresh and new.  I got the black and white striped one and I'm in love.  It also folds up super small to fit into a diaper bag and is made of stretchy, super soft fabric.  Can't wait to use it! 

Bravado Nursing Attire - I'm super excited to use comfortable, stylish and practical nursing attire.  Let's face it, nursing isn't always glamorous and definitely not always the most comfortable thing so I can't wait to use both the Yoga Nursing Bra and Dream Nursing Tank.  I wore a nursing tank under my clothes everyday for the entire time I nursed Olivia and I definitely plan to do the same with the new baby.  I can't wait to have a comfortable bra to lounge in and sleep in, as well.  These will definitely be in my hospital bag!

Cozy Delivery & Nursing Robe - I think a robe is a great item to include in your hospital bag.  It's perfect for staying cozy at night or to head to the shower if you have a shared shower in the hospital.  It's also great when visitors come - you can easily cover up your nursing tank or bra and be comfortable at the same time.  I love this fuchsia colored one from PinkBlush Maternity.  

Pure Body Dance Pants - Easily the most comfortable pants I own!  I still wear them occasionally, they're just slightly tighter with my belly;)  You definitely want to be comfortable, especially if you have a natural delivery and I felt so much more comfortable in my own clothes rather than a hospital gown. These are so, so soft and stretchy, most definitely made from some magic material ;) I'll use these for both my hospital stay and for coming home. A few of my friends also recommend a comfy maxi dress, such as this one.

Solly Baby Wrap - Again, something I didn't have with my daughter and I'm dying to use it for the new baby! I've heard amazing things about the Solly wrap and I love that it's so soft and stretchy, yet supportive to wear your baby up to 25 lbs.  I have the natural & grey stripe wrap and I'm eagerly waiting to use it.  Olivia got a similar style baby sling as well and she is so excited to match Mommy and carry her baby doll it in. I plan on bringing it in my hospital bag to make sure the baby gets plenty of snuggling ;)

Yes to Grapefruit Face Wipes - These are the easiest thing to throw in your bag, yet so convenient when you are exhausted but need a pick me up and fresh skin.  I love the smell and they really do brighten your skin.  It's little things like yummy smelling facial wipes or a great chapstick that are comforts of home and make you feel more human! 

Other essentials in my bag:

- Toothbrush & toothpaste
- Contact lenses & glasses
- Face lotion
- Cell phone charger
- Daily medications & prenatal vitamins
- Granola bars
- Chapstick 
- Makeup
Dry shampoo
- Socks
- Comfy t-shirt
- Lightweight sweatshirt

Hope you enjoyed my suggestions for packing your hospital bag.  What did you pack?!  Any other suggestions are welcomed! Next up, Hospital Bag Must-Haves: For Baby! XO

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