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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Painted Wallpaper: Great Success!

Hey All,

My painted wallpaper wall is all finished!  I think it turned out great and designates that wall for our desk area.  Sooo here are the new pics:

Annabelle was a good little helper:

Side view...

Now all put together: 

And a view of the whole dining room/desk area:

Notice how one chair is still tan...that was my latest project that was put on hold to do the painted wallpaper.  I sanded down each chair and spray painted them with Krylon black satin.  A tutorial on that is coming soon!

This project was definitely worth the time it took to finish...I loove it!  Hope you enjoy it & become a follower too!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Painted Wallpaper Day One

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jones Design Company!  After reading her blog/ tutorial about "painted wallpaper," I was dying to try it in my home!

The hubby was working a double shift last night into this afternoon, so a quick "I'm doing a project don't be mad when you get home love you" text was all it took to get started! Little did he know that I was painting over a wall which we do not have the paint for... incase there were a few mistakes :) As I mentioned in my last post, we are still renting, therefore the walls need to remain somewhat presentable for future renters/ buyers but everything is coming along wonderfully...

To start, I printed out the template of the pattern Jones Design Company created and read over her tutorial one a few more times, which you can find if you click here.  Again, this was so creative and I couldn't wait to start!

I decided to pick a wall which was small and had an "end" to it.  One of our dining room walls lead all the way to the second story ceiling and a few of our other rooms have been painted already.  I was going to conquer the guest room/kitty room man cave, but I figured I'd start small and see how it goes before deciding to do an entire accent wall.  I also wanted to distinguish between the dining room space and the desk area.

Back to printing out the template... I started like this:

Don't mind the purple/pink color of the Jones Design Template, my printer was running out of ink :(  Anyway, I traced the template onto heavy cardstock paper and practiced tracing the patterns next to each other.  Eventually, I got the hang of it (considering I'm an elementary teacher, you'd think I could trace better hehe):

And to fill in the middle of the full size pattern I traced another and folded it in half:

Now the hard work begins...


The corners were a little tough to do, as the staircase backs this wall and is slanted downwards.  I simply folded the template as needed to keep the pattern. 

I also had the cutest helper...our baby Annabelle (she's our little fur baby!) 

Finally, the whole wall was traced and it was starting to look like it's going to turn out great already! 

Sorry this is so light, but you get the idea of how the whole wall will look:

These corners were a little tricky!

Now for the paint...

Our living room and master bedroom are both painted Brookline Beige from Benjamin Moore.  I had a sample can left over so it will tie right into the other rooms.  

I also used a tiny brush to ensure uniform size (most of the time if I didn't slip a little oops) Here we goooo....

After the first few rows, you can really see it coming together I looove it

Eventually, I needed a break.. mistakes started happening...

 Ahhh and no paint to cover it up... therefore a quick tea and Real Housewives break!

Finally, about half way through and I decided to stop for the day (clean up before the hubby comes home) and it currently looks like this:

I looove it so far! I think it will really make that wall pop and hopefully give our desk a designated area.  

 Check back tomorrow for the finished product!! I would love comments or suggestions about it looks so far...thank you for reading & have a great night!

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