Friday, April 8, 2016

30 Things on My 30th Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday (what?!?! 30?!) and I love reading about other bloggers and getting to know them more so I thought it would be fun to share 30 things with you!   Also sharing some pictures throughout the years...

1. I'm a twin, younger by nine minutes
2.  I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant and expecting my second little girl
3.  I've always wanted to be a mommy to all girls

4.  My favorite tea is "wedding tea" from Harney & Sons and I have it whenever I can
5.  I love to do girlie things like get pedicures, manicures and my hair done 

6.  I hate being cold
7.  Before being a stay at home mom, I was an elementary teacher and plan to go back when the girls go to school
8.  I've been married for almost six years (July) 

9.  I love going shopping
10. I have an irrational fear of being kidnapped...just ask my family ;)
11. I also have an irrational fear of going blind...just ask my brother ;) "I knew this day would happen..."

12.  My favorite shows are Real Housewives & Fixer Upper
13.  I would love to own our own "fixer upper" 
14.  I'd love to move to North Carolina or somewhere in the South one day

15.  I have way too many throw pillows
16.  Anthropologie is my weakness and I wish I could decorate my whole house from there
17. I'm the worst at returning texts (I'm one of those that responds in my mind)

18. I love decorating and would secretly love to do home decorating one day for others
19.  Christmas is my favorite holiday, followed by Easter
20.  Gray is my favorite color, followed by lavender

21.  I love going on vacation to a beach area aka somewhere relaxing
22. Camping, outdoor showers, and bugs are pretty much my worst nightmare (I'll be in the hotel enjoying myself)

23.  I love mixing antiques with new decor
24.  Spacial ability is not something I have, hence the "Mommy hit the curb again" comments from the back seat ;)
25.  I love blogging and sharing with other mamas

26.  I really love math, but embarrassingly enough I would probably fail a history test
27.  Audio books are my enemy - sorry hubby, if it's on during a car ride it makes the drive 23918 times longer
28.  My sister and I are due ONE day apart and I can't wait to see when the babies arrive

29. Eating ice cream makes me cough...literally every time. 
30.  My favorite meal would include antipasto & pasta

So there you have it...30 things about me to share with you! XO

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hospital Bag Must-Haves: For Baby

Audrey's Bear - I found Rachel's shop on Instagram and immediately fell in love. Easily the softest blankets I've ever felt! The material is amazing!  I'm obsessed with the custom design to match her nursery and the polka dots on the back - love! I love, love, love all things monogrammed and personalized.  There is a huge selection of baby blankets and gift sets to choose from and so many gorgeous colors and designs.  Some of my favorites include this vintage floral chevron , and tropical flowers.  Audrey's Bear is also a swaddle for swaddle program, which won my heart - such a great program! It'll be so special to wrap our little one up for those first hospital pictures with her name being shared to family and friends.  

Loved by Sophia Claire - These are the cutest pacifier clips ever! There are so many gorgeous colors and they are so well made.  These would also be great to clip little toys on too and who hasn't lost a pacifier?!  Will definitely be my saving grace ;) I also can't wait to try the Natursutten pacifiers that are available here.  This pink poppy clip is already packed in my hospital bag! 

The Ollie Swaddle - I am thrilled to try the Ollie Swaddle with our little one.  It's designed with moisture-wicking fabric, velcro for custom sizing, and diaper changes are a breeze due to the opening on the bottom. This lavender color is so pretty for spring! Olivia loved being swaddled when she was a newborn, but never slept overly great and didn't sleep through the night until after five months. I think this swaddle will be life-changing.  I've heard so many great things and I can't wait to see if it helps the baby sleep more soundly, and longer! The Ollie Swaddle also comes in the cutest gift box and would be such a great baby shower gift! 
Free Babes Handmade - The sweetest bows ever!  I love that they are so versatile and can be used for even teeny tiny newborns.  Olivia will have matching pigtail bows and I can't wait to see the girls together with matching bows. I love the message behind the company as well, creating accessories for little free spirits ;) Some of my favorites include the chambray sailor bowblush linen school girl bow, and the lavender hand-tied pigtail set.  

Freshly Picked- One of my all time favorite baby items!  Olivia had a few pairs of moccs and they are so well made and easy to coordinate outfits with, I just love them!  They were the star of our gender revel for the new baby and when I saw those bright pink moccs come out of the box I was over the moon! Two of my absolute favorite colors are salt water taffy and platinum.  They are such a great company and I love that even the tiniest feet can fit in them.  These will definitely be a part of our newborn photo shoot.  

Zip-front One-Piece - Perfect for keeping baby extra cozy for their first day home!  Also, if you're a seasoned parent, you know there's nothing more annoying than buttoning up the onesie only to re-do it 18 times in the middle of the night after a feeding and diaper change to actually get the buttons lined up...zippers in this house all the way! I have two similar outfits packed in the hospital bag, one in 3 months and one in a newborn size incase we have a little peanut ;) 

In addition to the pieces above, I'll also be bringing a baby book so we can stamp her tiny footprints after she's born! 

Have I forgotten anything?!  Since this is my second time around, I feel that less is definitely more and a few special pieces make all the difference!  Would love to hear what you packed or will be packing. XO

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hospital Bag Must-Haves: For Mama

We are SO close to baby time!! I'm so excited for our little one to arrive and can't wait to be a family of four.  Today, I wanted to share some items that I feel will really make your hospital stay and "home coming" even more enjoyable. These items are perfect and you will be able to use them for months! 

Covered Goods - this multi-use nursing cover is so versatile and perfect for both nursing in the hospital and coming home.  When I nursed my daughter, I didn't have a cover that I really loved and always felt uncomfortable if my back was exposed, it just didn't fit right, or she was able to pull it off or to the side.  Covered Goods to the rescue!  Not only is it long enough to cover your back, but you can use it in so many ways! From a nursing cover or scarf to a car seat and shopping cart cover, it's so useful especially to keep germs away when your little one is fresh and new.  I got the black and white striped one and I'm in love.  It also folds up super small to fit into a diaper bag and is made of stretchy, super soft fabric.  Can't wait to use it! 

Bravado Nursing Attire - I'm super excited to use comfortable, stylish and practical nursing attire.  Let's face it, nursing isn't always glamorous and definitely not always the most comfortable thing so I can't wait to use both the Yoga Nursing Bra and Dream Nursing Tank.  I wore a nursing tank under my clothes everyday for the entire time I nursed Olivia and I definitely plan to do the same with the new baby.  I can't wait to have a comfortable bra to lounge in and sleep in, as well.  These will definitely be in my hospital bag!

Cozy Delivery & Nursing Robe - I think a robe is a great item to include in your hospital bag.  It's perfect for staying cozy at night or to head to the shower if you have a shared shower in the hospital.  It's also great when visitors come - you can easily cover up your nursing tank or bra and be comfortable at the same time.  I love this fuchsia colored one from PinkBlush Maternity.  

Pure Body Dance Pants - Easily the most comfortable pants I own!  I still wear them occasionally, they're just slightly tighter with my belly;)  You definitely want to be comfortable, especially if you have a natural delivery and I felt so much more comfortable in my own clothes rather than a hospital gown. These are so, so soft and stretchy, most definitely made from some magic material ;) I'll use these for both my hospital stay and for coming home. A few of my friends also recommend a comfy maxi dress, such as this one.

Solly Baby Wrap - Again, something I didn't have with my daughter and I'm dying to use it for the new baby! I've heard amazing things about the Solly wrap and I love that it's so soft and stretchy, yet supportive to wear your baby up to 25 lbs.  I have the natural & grey stripe wrap and I'm eagerly waiting to use it.  Olivia got a similar style baby sling as well and she is so excited to match Mommy and carry her baby doll it in. I plan on bringing it in my hospital bag to make sure the baby gets plenty of snuggling ;)

Yes to Grapefruit Face Wipes - These are the easiest thing to throw in your bag, yet so convenient when you are exhausted but need a pick me up and fresh skin.  I love the smell and they really do brighten your skin.  It's little things like yummy smelling facial wipes or a great chapstick that are comforts of home and make you feel more human! 

Other essentials in my bag:

- Toothbrush & toothpaste
- Contact lenses & glasses
- Face lotion
- Cell phone charger
- Daily medications & prenatal vitamins
- Granola bars
- Chapstick 
- Makeup
Dry shampoo
- Socks
- Comfy t-shirt
- Lightweight sweatshirt

Hope you enjoyed my suggestions for packing your hospital bag.  What did you pack?!  Any other suggestions are welcomed! Next up, Hospital Bag Must-Haves: For Baby! XO

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Toddler One-Liners

While I'm currently waddling around at almost 36 weeks, there have been some hilarious one-liners coming from Olivia which make my days brighter.  Wow, is it harder being pregnant the second time around...having a toddler to care for is a game changer ;)

She has been so funny lately and her personality shines through every day.  The other day I had a doctors appointment so off we went and afterwards I met up with my sister (who also had a drs appt) and we had some yummy lunch at Smashburger.  I had parked in a corner end spot and totally forgot and just reversed out of the spot and bam ran over the curb (sorry hubby).  So I casually said "whoops, Mommy hit the curb" and we headed home.  

The next day, I took her to Target to grab some essentials for my hospital bag and stock up on household stuff we needed.  My parents met up with me while they were out as well and we stopped for pizza.  Afterwards, I was turning right and slightly bumped the curb again! I swear I'm getting clumsier by the day.  I called Rob on the car bluetooth to see how his day at work was going and before I could say anything, Olivia yells "hey Daddy! Mommy hit the curb againnnnn!"  I died laughing! Little tattle tail ;) 

Each day I'm getting more uncomfortable so yoga pants are my choice unless I'm working or going out somewhere.  Livvy has been asking to match her clothes to me everyday so she was trying to pick out an outfit and I told her to get some yoga pants just like Mommy, aka black leggings.  So she looks at me and says, "Mommy, why you wearing yogurt pants?"  Out of the mouths of babes ;)

Lastly, yesterday I was dragging so bad and decided to make some coffee.  I've been caffeine free for a month or two now to help with my constant heartburn, which is helping somewhat, but some days you just need it more than comfort. I turned on the Keurig and headed downstairs to the laundry room and Olivia yells, "Mommy, hello?  You forgot a cup!?" and shakes her head and starts laughing.  Apparently, she knows Mommy needs to be watched some mornings ;) 

Do you have any toddler one-liners you'd love to share?  I love hearing funny toddler tales!! XO

Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We have had the nicest weather here the past few days and we've been soaking up all the sunshine that we can!  There's been park playing, breezes blowing through the windows and lots of happiness with all of this fresh air.  On one of our trips to the park, my sister showed up a few minutes after us and we realized we dressed the girls in exactly the same outfit.  That's what happens when your mommies are twins! 

With all this nice weather, the last thing I have wanted to do is cook and think about dinner.  I've had this problem most of this pregnancy butttt we're headed into spring, which always inspires me for some fresh recipes.  Tonight I'm planning on making a version of this.  It's basically a non-traditional Cuban sandwich that uses turkey and ham instead of pork.  Cold cuts are on the "no" list, but these will be heated so its a win.  Also, it's something different that we haven't had in a long time so that's a double win. 

The baby's room is coming along - the wallpaper is up, the other walls are trimmed and painted and we're just waiting on a closet system and overhead lighting.  Although I would like to go with a cute chandelier or farmhouse light fixture, the other bedrooms have fans so we're opting to go for a fan to have a similar look in all the rooms.  I started to wash some of Olivia's old baby clothes and it brings back such memories!  So many cute outfits that I had forgotten about and others that I remember so well that they were my favorite.  I have two outfits that I'm choosing between for her coming home outfit and they are both adorable.  Over the crib, I'm DIYing these letters because although I love the Anthropologie ones, her name is nine letters long so we're opting not to spend $162 on them.  I bought these paper mache letters and metallic spray paint and will be going to work on this project soon.  Any guesses as to what her name is?!  We'll be sharing once the nursery post is complete.  

Easter is just 16 days away and I can't wait!  I love Easter and I'm so excited for Olivia to hunt for eggs and see her Easter basket goodies.  My mom and I went shopping yesterday and she bought her this dress and she is going to look so cute! I love floral dresses on little ones.  Once Easter passes, our focus will be on her third birthday party!  She has requested a "purple party", soooo...I'll be looking on Pinterest.  I'm thinking that theme is so broad that it'll be easy to put together a cute, super purple event ;)  Since it is her third birthday, we'll be doing a family party like we did last year so it'll be low key and probably a week or two before her actual birthday because #newborn.  I already have this book in my Amazon cart so that's a start ;) 

I hope you all have a great weekend & enjoy the sunshine!  As always, don't forget to follow along on Instagram (@thebirdsnestblog) for a glimpse into our daily life and fun giveaways coming up! XO

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Toddler Tales: 35 Months

So as the title states, "35 months", is how old Olivia will be in a few short weeks.  Pretty sure I stopped counting months after 18 months, so I had to think for a moment until it hit me that she was 35 months (what?!?) and will be THREE next month!!!  This was probably the fastest year so far and as much as I wish time would slow down, she has turned into the smartest, funniest, cutest little girl and I can't wait to see what year three brings us! 

One of my favorite parts about blogging is looking back at memories and being able to see all of the funny and sweet things Olivia has done or said in the past.  I'm not great about keeping a baby book (sorry Mom) and I'm trying to get better but for now, I'll keep those memories here ;) 

Favorite Foods:  Pepperoni, pasta, olives, cheese, fruit, butter, ranch dressing, baby carrots, french toast, milk, seltzer, nibble trays, bacon, sausage, hot dogs... 

Who is this child?!  I'm not a huge lover of meat in general and she has started to love most of it.  I'm happy that she is getting protein but I need to cut the girlfriend's processed meat down.  As in, "no, we have to get more at the store" - lies.  Pretty much every day I ask her what she wants for lunch and 99% of the time her answer is, "pepperoni, cheese and chips"...thanks Daddy for that.  Um, we may be out of that for most of the week ;) 

Favorite Activities:  Reading, arts & crafts, playing "soccer", brushing her teeth, taking showers, playing with friends, playing with her bunny house, Barbies, and Little People, going to the library, going shopping, Play Doh

The list goes on and on, she is so busy at this age!  She loves coloring and doing arts & crafts, especially if it involves glue and glitter.  She absolutely loves books!   I moved her to some higher level readers and her favorites are Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, Splat the Cat, Henry and Mudge, and anything fairy tale related.  We've started reading her chapter books at night and she really enjoys listening. She has such a great imagination and it's so fun to listen to her playing with her toys because often I hear her repeating what was in a book we've read and acting it out.  She normally asks to "read" to us and will often go page by page and recite the words or scenario. It's so important to instill a love of reading early on and I'm so happy she enjoys it so much. 

Funniest moments:  She is seriously a character!  I think this age is definitely one of my favorites.  The things she says are so hilarious and clever, she keeps us laughing all day long.  Some things she's said lately that come to mind...

"Really Mommy, really?  Are you serious?"

While helping me to roll some coins we had around the house, "Mommy!  I rolled all your nipples!  There's so many nipples!"... Thank God we weren't in public with our nickels ;)

While her and Brynn were playing and having a little toddler argument, "Don't ever, ever come back here again BB.  You never, ever come to mine house again"...I had to hide my laughter while telling her that wasn't nice and would hurt Brynn's feelings.  Where did she get that from?!

"Leave me by myself in the shower Mommy, you go downstairs and play with Daddy.  I'll be fine"

Everything we get for the baby, she always says "one for baby, and one for Baby Jesus".  She loves helping to get ready for the baby but insists her baby doll gets the same.  Try leaving Target without random pacifiers while your toddler is yelling "where are Baby Jesus's B's??? Baby Jesus neeeeeeds them"  No, stranger staring at me, I'm not naming the new baby Jesus;)   

While driving to Target (I know, there's a theme) I called my mom on the bluetooth and said "call Mom's cell" and Livvy says "no call Mama" and I asked her how she knew it was Grandma and her reply was "because I'm cute, now you can call Mama"

The things she says, I swear she's almost three going on eighteen.  

She's officially been in her big girl bed for a few weeks now and her room is almost finished with accessories and decor.  I can't wait to share soon!  She does seem to take a longer time to go to bed (read: wants to read 475 books) but she normally sleeps through the night until about 6:45/7.  If she starts to come out of her room any earlier, I may invest in that time-to-wake clock for my own sanity ;)  I've started leaving toys in her room after she goes to sleep so she can play quietly in the morning and some mornings she does, some she's bright eyed and bushy tailed staring at me at 6:40.  

Potty training has been unsuccessful and I've decided not to push her from everything I've read.  She won't be going to college in diapers so I know it'll just be a short while until she's trained.  Her response to anything potty training related - big girl undies, potty seat, pull-ups, etc - is "when the baby comes out."  So, I guess we'll be having two in diapers unless she changes her feelings in the next few weeks.  I'd rather her not regress when the baby comes, so we're just going with the flow...or not;) 

She is going to be the best big sister and is so excited for the baby. She always talks to her and loves to kiss and hug my belly.  She asks all different questions, like if she can help give her a bath and change her diaper so I think she'll be a great helper.  I'm sure there will be some jealousy but she's very nurturing and sweet so I think be so sweet to see them together. 

Can't wait to see what March brings for us...her last month as a two year old! XO 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mama Style: PinkBlush Maternity & A GIVEAWAY!!

Hi! Today I'm featuring some of my favorite clothing items from PinkBlush Maternity and wanted to share all about my picks and why I love PinkBlush. Stay tuned for a great giveaway opportunity at the end of the post! 

PinkBlush Maternity has the cutest selection of maternity clothes!  They are so affordable and there are so many great items to choose from.  Normally, when you think of a maternity boutique, you may think of frumpy, loose maternity clothes, but that is not the case with PinkBlush!  From fitted tops to flowy looks, everything is trendy and will make you look your best during your pregnancy.  I love that they have nursing apparel available and lots of postpartum looks that are perfect once the baby is born to keep you confident and feeling good.  PinkBlush also has amazing customer service and they frequently offer discount codes on their website - perfect for shopping and stocking up! ;) There's also a PinkBlush for women, which has so many great options if you're not an expecting mama! 

My first item that I chose was this springy crochet accent top in peach and white stripes.  I'm a huge fan of stripes and love the top crochet accent! I'm wearing a size medium and its a great stretchy, light material.  It would definitely work well throughout your entire pregnancy to showcase your growing bump ;)  

PinkBlush has so many great cute maternity dresses for all occasions!  From casual maxi dresses to more formal occasion dresses there's something for everyone and every event.  I chose this pink lace belted dress for Easter coming up and I love the texture of the lace and it's so comfortable!  Again, I got this in a size medium and it could definitely accommodate a small bump to a full term bump. I think it's the perfect spring color and I love the belt accent - pair it with flats and a jean jacket or a cute sweater and you're all set for a stylish holiday. I also love this maternity maxi dress for a comfortable, yet pulled together look and this cute maternity dress - perfect for your baby shower! 

Ok mamas, I feel like towards the end, or beginning ;) of pregnancy, leggings are the most comfortable item you can wear.  These black fleece lined maternity leggings are beyond comfortable!  Did you read that...fleece lined?!?!  Where have these been all my life?! They are not see-through at all, which is a must for me to feel comfortable to wear these outside of the house for errands, etc.  It is one size fits all so they're extremely stretchy and accommodate your belly well.  These would be super cute to be comfy all day (see picture above) or to wear under a tunic or flowy shirt for going out.  

Overall, I'm so happy with my PinkBlush Maternity items and can't wait to stock up on a few more basics!  Thank you so much to PinkBlush Maternity for providing me with these special items!  

Now for the GIVEAWAY part... I'm so excited to offer you a chance to win a $75 gift card to PinkBlush!  Head over to my Instagram (@thebirdsnestblog) to win!! Giveaway starts February 25 and ends March 1, 2016 at 11:59pm EST.  Good luck! XOXO

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